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Control Engineering provide 24/7 access to a dedicated team of experienced control systems engineers, ready to solve your automation problems and rectify breakdown situations. We offer various support products ranging from maintenance agreements to full service and support contracts with engineering call back and rapid deployment of an engineer to your site. Our team comprises experienced, professional, Automation Engineers with wide skills ensuring that all elements of your plant automation platform – from simple machine control panels to  advanced PLC, Network and SCADA based plant wide systems- can be addressed. We have a support management team who ensure that you receive call reports and follow-up action reports, and that preventative maintenance activities are scheduled to suit your requirements. 

How we add value:

  • Complete life-cycle: engineering, execution, service and maintenance, calibration and validation
  • Complete technical spectrum: from DCS right up to field components 
  • Unrivaled track record of successful industrial automation of processes and machines.
  • Supplier-independent
  • Provision of hardware and software engineering
  • System integration, industrial automation, instrumentation engineering
  • Knowledge of industry and local legislation

Reduced installation complexity and optimized maintenance:

  • Design and develop control systems
  • Maintain and manage the existing control systems
  • Manage projects within the given restraints including cost and time
  • Troubleshoot
  • Ensure that the instruments comply with health and safety regulations
  • Ensure that quality standards are maintained
  • Provide consultancy support


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